Don't Sing the Blues: Music for Every Taste on Lower Broadway

Don't Sing the Blues: Music for Every Taste on Lower Broadway

Music has long been recognized as a universal language, and that language is truly understood as you stroll along the streets of Lower Broadway in Nashville. No matter the city or country where you are from or the language you speak, music removes barriers and allows folks from every walk of life to tap their feet and sing along.       

Nashville is known as Music City because of not only being the birthplace of country music but as the center of a live music scene unrivaled by any other city in the South. When you hear the notes of an acoustic guitar and the sounds of a gravelly, whiskey-primed voice emanate from the best bar on Broadway, you know you have arrived at the spot where country music legends are made.   

While the hallowed stages of the Grand Ole Opry and the Ryman Auditorium are revered as the pinnacle of live country music success, the live music scene on Lower Broad continues to flourish and churn out the best acts around. A country music bar in Nashville is the perfect place to begin your journey to enjoy the best of what Music City has to offer.  

Live country music will always be the top draw when experiencing the music in downtown Nashville, but you can also find a diverse range of music genres that can appeal to every taste. So, grab a cold one, prepare to listen to a tried-and-true legend or up-and-coming artist, and understand why this is Music City.   

Country Music 

This genre reigns supreme and will never be toppled off this regal pedestal. Nashville was built on country music, whose roots run long and deep. This rich history can be heard from every corner of Lower Broad to the steps of the Country Music Hall of Fame. Visiting a country music bar in Nashville is essential to having an authentic live country music experience. Exceptionally talented singers, songwriters, solo musicians, and bands play in every venue, sharing songs filled with their hopes and dreams of playing on the most coveted stages. But this Nashville tradition is thrilled that they first play on The Stage on Broadway.    

The Blues 

We sing them, but we don’t have them! Why? Because country music is always happy to share some of the musical limelight with its sadder cousin. There are live blues performances every night of the week in downtown Nashville so as you move from one honkytonk to the next; you might just hear the moody sounds of a blues song escaping into the streets.   

 Rock, Indie, and Pop  

Has it been a long time since you've rocked and rolled? Well, Nashville can fix that because, besides live country music, the hard edge of rock and roll bands can be heard around the Lower Broad area. You don't have to wait for a favorite band to go on tour because the thriving rock scene boasts live performances from local and regional up-and-coming acts. Additionally, because Nashville is a hub of musicians, it is also a center for recording, especially for musicians who want to take the indie approach to produce and market their own compositions.  


This genre may seem like a distant cousin to country music, but we couldn't call our town Music City without some cool jazz vibes echoing throughout downtown. Jazz lovers are in for a treat when they discover that a diverse pool of local music talent likes to lay down a groove or two.  


We saved this for last because this burgeoning genre combines all the music mentioned above. Artists whose musical sounds are influenced by country, blues, rock, and jazz, as well as gospel, folk, and bluegrass, know they have a home in Nashville. Visitors checking out the music in a country music bar in Nashville will likely become instant fans as they listen to Americana artists and their songs deeply rooted in our country's musical history.   

Tourists flock to Nashville for many reasons. This robust city features world-class arts and culture, hospitality, and dining, and one of the best live music scenes in the entire country. Many will be pleasantly surprised at the diverse range of live music genres, thus making it the perfect destination for music lovers of all kinds.  

Music City is not just a name; Lower Broad is not just a place. Nashville is a feeling and an experience that no other city in the United States can claim. So, when you are meandering down Music City's musical thoroughfare and are overwhelmed with the sights and sounds, make your way over to the best bar in Nashville. A visit to Nashville is only complete once you enjoy authentic and original live country music at The Stage on Broadway. As we said earlier, set a spell, grab a cold one, and prepare to fall in love with the finest country music performances in our corner of the world.

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