Live Music in Nashville: Why Everyone Needs It in Their Lives

Live Music in Nashville: Why Everyone Needs It in Their Lives

Music is often called the universal language of the world, as it brings about different emotions in everyone. When you feel sad, there’s likely a few songs you like to listen to that either help you get through your sadness, or they allow you to embrace your sadness so you can heal. Then again, there are songs that make you even happier when you are already happy. The bottom line is that there are all kinds of music in the world that can not only match your mood but also just take you away to a place where you can get lost in the lyrics.

This is the type of musical experience you get from listening to music through headphones or an electronic device. And while this is a great and common way to enjoy music, it’s nothing in comparison to listening to live music in Nashville.

Obviously, the top reason many people enjoy live music is because they get to see their favorite band or artist perform. However, the enjoyment of live music extends well beyond simply liking a song or artists... Live music is a full-body experience with intricate facets that all play a role in the overall enjoyment of the live musical experience.

If you haven’t experienced live music yet or are planning to in the near future, The Stage is the best bar on Broadway to enjoy a full-on live music experience. Take a look at why live music is something everyone should experience at least once. 

Live Music is a Pain and Stress Reducer

Did you know that listening to live music can not only reduce stress, but relieve pain as well? Research has shown that music can temporarily shift our focus on pain by providing stimulation to other parts of the brain. Live music produces similar effects. 

The atmosphere and environment that comes with live music encourages the release of endorphins, which act as a pain signal blocker. Additionally, live music has been proven to lower stress, which, in turn, lowers blood pressure. Relaxing music such as live jazz has been shown to have a dilating effect on blood vessels to lower blood pressure.

Live Music Allows You to Meet New People

Whether you go to see live music alone or with friends, you’re still getting the experience of being surrounded by people who enjoy the same type of music as you. You find yourself singing the songs together, and eventually, you find that you have a lot in common with other listeners through conversation, which then creates a connection with others that you did not have before. 

You Get to Engage with the Performers

With live performances, whether well-established artists or up-and-coming artists, the performers often get a little more intimate with the audience, especially with country music live performances. Typically, Nashville bars, like The Stage on Broadway, provide more engaging performances where the artists often tell stories behind certain songs or ask listeners if they’ve endured certain situations to get a response, and then proceed to perform. This is something artists do to really engage with their audience and make that connection to stay front of mind, especially for new up-and-coming artists.

Live Music Simply Makes You Feel

From the pain and stress relief to meeting new people and the artist engagement, live music simply just makes you feel good overall. Music is a connector between your mood, mental health, and emotions. Certain songs and their lyrics can take you back to a time when you were most happy and it can also take you back to a time when lessons were learned, nonetheless, music makes you “feel.”  

Maybe there’s a song you heard as a child that you absolutely loved and one of your favorite artists did a remake of the song and you got to hear it live... You’re not only experiencing feelings of happiness but also feelings of nostalgia because the song took you back to your childhood. Feelings are good, feelings are human, and feelings are natural. Live music will give you all the “feels!” 

Live Music is for the Soul

Seeing a live performance is not just music to your ears; it’s a full-body experience that awakens your senses and opens your mind, ears, and heart. Concerts, regardless of the genre, allow you to be in the presence of your favorite artists, and it really makes for an unforgettable experience. You remember listening to their album on your phone or in your car, and now you’re experiencing them live. 

The Stage is the best bar on Broadway for live music in Nashville. Some of country music’s greatest artists have graced our stage and continue to do so with impromptu performances. You can also experience some of Nashville’s local talent giving unforgettable performances. For more information on private parties, playing at The Stage, or general information, contact us and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible. 

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