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Patriot Hat

Patriot Hat


Step into the iconic world of Lower Broadway with the Patriot Hat of The Stage,  one-of-a-kind headwear specially curated for the famed Broadway bar. Every part of its appearance speaks volumes, echoing memorable performances and legendary tales from The Stage. Designed in luxurious velvet and sprinkled with stars, this hat is reminiscent of the bright and mesmerizing setting of The Stage on Broadway.

Patriot Hat Material Description

Material: Crafted from high-quality fabric, our Patriot Hat provides a luxurious feel that ensures both comfort and durability. Some variants may also incorporate a blend of cashmere or felt for an even more refined touch.

Texture & Finish: This hat boasts a smooth and soft texture, guaranteeing comfortable wear throughout the day. The matte black finish, resistant to fading, retains its depth and richness even after prolonged use.

Breathability: Engineered with a breathable fabric, the Patriot Hat ensures adequate air circulation, preventing excessive warmth and maintaining an optimal temperature.

Care Instructions: For best results and prolonged lifespan, it is recommended to spot-clean the hat using a mild detergent. For those versions with delicate fabric blends, professional dry cleaning is advised.