Have Your Bachelorette Party at One of the Most Famous Bars on Broadway

Have Your Bachelorette Party at One of the Most Famous Bars on Broadway

The best part about marriage is, of course, getting to spend the rest of your life with your forever person; however, your bachelorette party in Nashville Tennessee is the next best thing! So, is deciding whether to have a bachelorette party a question? Not even! Especially if you have it in Nashville, Tennessee where you get to experience some of the most famous bars on Broadway.

So what is it about Nashville’s downtown scene that makes it the go-to destination for soon-to-be brides? Is it the shopping and dining or the electricity you feel as soon as you set foot on Broadway?

Well, if you’re like most people, it’s all of the above, plus some! Broadway is famous for its iconic bars and lives music, but if you’re going to spend time on Broadway for your bachelorette party, you have to spend it at none other than The Stage! 

Why The Stage?

Because if you’re going to have a “last fling before the ring,” then The Stage is where you want to be! From the rooftop bar, and live music to the fantastic drinks, spending your bachelorette trip at one of the best bars in Nashville is going to be an experience unlike any other, and The Stage is here to help you celebrate! 

Whether you’re from Nashville or an “out-of-towner,” you haven’t truly experienced Nashville if you don’t get on Broadway and visit The Stage. Here’s why your bachelorette party needs to be here! 

Live Music for Everyone

Experiencing live music at The Stage is one of those happenings that just comes with the building in a sense. From the floor to the ceiling, wall to wall, live country music just permeates the space. Not only will you get the opportunity to see and hear some of Nashville’s local talent, but also if you come on the right night, you might get the chance to see some of country music’s great and iconic singers grace the stage.

The likes of Wynona Judd, Little Big Town, Hank Williams Jr, and Miranda Lambert have all taken the stage at The Stage and make surprise appearances when in town. Can you imagine how spectacular a Nashville bachelorette party trip would be if a country music star just dropped in while you were there?  

Great Drinks

From fuzzy navels and Bud Light beers to shots of tequila and whiskey on the rocks, no drink can’t be made. The bartenders are fully experienced in making a multitude of different drinks. If you think “tequila makes her clothes fall off,” then just wait until you see how tequila will take your bridal crew from “woo-hoo” to “YEE-HAW!”

Fun Atmosphere

From the moment you set foot inside this honky tonk in downtown Nashville, you’re surrounded by greatness. Not only will you be greeted with live music, but the ambiance of the entire space screams country music. There is a mural full of country music greats, plus, not only are three levels inside but there’s also an outdoor deck area where you can step outside and see the Nashville skyline.

The overall vibe and feel of The Stage are that country music lives there. You and your entire friends are sure to have an amazing time! 

The Stage is also the perfect place to put your dance skills to the test as well! This venue is large enough to have country line dances! So whether you want to step out and show everyone how you “boot scooting boogie” or Chattahoochee, you may have to whip out your best cowboy boots and show everyone exactly how it’s done! 

What better way to celebrate your prenuptial than to come to Nashville with your bachelorette crew and party the night away at The Stage! The live country music, the drinks, and the overall fun and entertaining atmosphere will make your bachelorette trip one for the books! So grab your pink cowboy boots or blue suede shoes and your ripped jeans, and come on to The Stage, where the whisky’s on ice and the music’s on fire!

To learn more about how to book your bachelorette party at The Stage, reach out via email or call and a staff member will get back to you as soon as possible.

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